Why Everyone Should Blog?

Whenever I talk about new social media technologies like blogs, facebook, or twitter with someone who is new to the conversation I always get the same response.  It goes something like, "That is a complete waste of time!  Why would I want to read all the pointless babble that people are saying about themselves?"

While on the surface the "babble" that is so prevalent on these platforms seems meaningless, one could argue that this sort of information sharing makes up a significant part of any typical face to face conversation.  We'll have to debate that some other time, because the real question here is "Why should I join the conversation and blog?"

Everyone tends to focus on the business driven reasons to start a blog and how to do it right or wrong. Marketing a product or service, self promotion, communicating with your company's community, etc.   If it isn't for business, then the stereotypical judgement is that the blogger is some self absorbed ego maniac that wants to share the afore mentioned babble and is convinced that everyone else cannot wait to read it.  There is one reason that I hear very little about that should motivate everyone to start a blog regardless of whether they have any "business reason" or not and it doesn't even matter if anyone is listening.

It's for the exercise that you get from explaining an idea.  For learning how to develop your thoughts, communicate your point,  and to lead a conversation around it.  Blogging is the perfect weapon to avoid being caught on the hamster wheel of doing and get back to some quality time thinking.  It is one of the most powerful business and personal development tools available today and you can do it for free.  (probably why it is so underrated)

If you lead a group of people and you're wondering how to kick start the thinking process, give each person on your team the task of posting to a blog several times a week.  They won't be good at first, but give them some time.  You will be amazed...and so will they.

And by the way, it works as a great marketing tool too.  Who knew?

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